Digital Media

The advancement that the technological developments has led us to is in the form of a digital revolution. Most of our modern day living has been transformed into a technologically driven life where electronic gadgets & devices have their overwhelming presence. These operate in the form of a digital technology having its core sourcing from the conception of binary language. The massive incorporation of digitalization into our everyday lives has given rise to the ‘on-the-touch-click-of-a-button’ civilization. In this digital society of ours, we have a plethora of digital media platforms inter-connected by means of internet across the world. Forming a part of the digital media, social media platforms are those digital media platforms where netizens socialize.

One of the most critical elements of social media which has a heavy dominance in the digital media platforms, is the trolling or negative dissemination of the brand entity across the virtual world. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube are the most populous ones. Twitter trolling has become a common phenomenon these days. Also, negative propagandists may post fake videos & photo-shopped images to negatively influence public opinion against a certain brand entity. We, at Visage Analytics Private Limited, credibly counter any sort of miscreants of a negative image campaign against our client brand entities; individual/celebrity or organizational. The foremost we seek to do in this arena is to emphatically put up a firm stand on part of the brand entity to clearly state what is the entity’s take on the matter. We shield the brand entity by defending their stand & take efforts to see that they don’t get cornered. We also seek to undertake a cleanser drive for our client at such times. Under the cleanser drive, we undertake to cleanse & detox the World Wide Web space off the negative posts, negative feedback, negative comments, negative reviews & the overall wave of pessimism that erupts against the brand entity. For us, all of our clients are brand entities & we dedicate ourselves with the same zest in case of each one of them. In the event of Google Search Engine Image Tarnishing (or any Search Engine for that matter), we exercise greater efforts at a massive level to get rid off the blemishes that get powdered upon the reputation & global image of the brand entity. In extreme cases, we initiate defamation suits & allied legal proceedings to ensure justice to the brand entity.