Public Relations

The thread of enchantment that ties the knot of a reliable bonding between a brand entity (individual or organizational) & its target audience if often the immaculate communication that addresses not just the needs of its target audience but also knocks onto the door of the myriad dimensions of their lives. This creates a pleasant space in their minds vis-à-vis the brand entity. Public Relations; as the term suggests, is about this thread that envisages the creation & maintenance of a favorable relation symphony with the public. The equation that exists between the brand and the diverse segments of its target audience is a deciding factor in its survival, sustenance as well as propagation. Needless to mention, the failure or success of the brand entity gets determined on the basis of this equation. To construct a solid foundational platform for the brand’s success, we at Visage Analytics Private Limited, build & facilitate a concrete structure of Public Relations, by foremost, identifying the needs & concerns of both the brand entity on one hand & its diverse market segments on the other. Thereafter, pursuant to the brain-storming sessions by our team of experts, we weave a pattern of fine-tuning these needs & concerns of both the ends. Once the pattern is put into implementation, a follow-up mechanism is undertaken to bring about a synchronization in these needs & concerns with the aid of simultaneous evolutionary development of varied Public Relations Development Initiatives. At Visage Analytics Private Limited, we provide an entire well-conceived package of Public Relations’ Initiatives that is designed by keeping in view the specific & unique requirements of each of the diverse brand entities.

Few of the highlights of our package initiatives include:

  • Designing Communications Campaign
  • Writing Press Releases
  • Creating news updates & news content about latest brand developments
  • Co-ordinating with the Press to get instrumental brand news published for dissemination of information
  • Creating content to put up the stand & views of the brand in times of crisis
  • Arranging interviews of brand spokesperson for effective direct communication with the brand audience on new initiatives or critical issues
  • Creating a gist of pertinent data meant for public address
  • Communicating the core conception of the brand entity on diverse media platforms
  • Creating concise leaflets/booklets of well-researched information pertaining to the subject matter of Press Conferences for time-efficient address by the brand entity
  • Writing Web Content, Digital Media Content & requisite allied content drafting
  • Pro-active measures to constructively counter any kind of damage to the reputation of brand entity
  • Creating brand awareness & provision of brand event management services
  • Collating the published brand news & managing the associated technicalities accordingly

In the essence of brand existence, a primordial principle that underlines its success is often inter-connected to the maintenance of a cordial, progressive & a positive public rapport & public relations framework. At Visage Analytics Private Limited, we handle this responsibility of the brand entity with utmost care & mindfulness.