What we do

Crisis Management
Public Relations
Digital Media
Election Management
Market Research

Crisis Management

  • Image Sustenance
  • Image Progression
  • Image Vulnerability Assessment
  • Image Passive Defence Mechanism
  • Image Active Defence Mechanism
  • Countering Image’s negative publicity
  • Filing Legal Claims/ Suits for Defamation in the event of potent Image Tarnishing
  • Encountering the culprits of Image Destruction & silencing their ill-will
  • Propagating Positive Image Content across both virtual & physical worlds
  • Specific threats are identified

Public Relations

  • Designing Communications Campaign
  • Creating news updates & news content about latest brand developments
  • Co-ordinating with the Press to get instrumental brand news published for dissemination of information
  • Creating content to put up the stand & views of the brand in times of crisis
  • Arranging interviews of brand spokesperson for effective direct communication
  • Communicating the core conception of the brand entity on diverse media platforms
  • Creating concise leaflets/booklets of well-researched information • Writing Web Content, Digital Media Content & requisite allied content drafting
  • Pro-active measures to constructively counter any kind of damage to the reputation of brand entity
  • Creating brand awareness & provision of brand event management services

Digital Media

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • More Inbound Traffic
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Brand Loyalty
  • More Brand Authority
  • Facebook / Instagaram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter

Election Management

  • Goal Settings
  • Voter targeting
  • Research
  • Message
  • Voter Contact
  • Budget
  • Election Day
  • Field Plan
  • Media/Digital Media Plane
  • Campaign Resource

Market Research

  • Code frame preparation
  • Pure Open end coding
  • Brand name coding
  • Ability to handle studies of all complexity levels.
  • Generate wide variety of tabular reports consisting of simple tables, cross-tables, banners, grids etc.
  • Ability to process wide variety of data including SPSS data, ASCII data, CSV data, SAS  data etc.
  • Ability to handle Tracker studies, Adhoc studies and studies involving single/multiple  variable weighting and statistical testing (T-Test).
  • Open-end response coding and tabulation.
  • Reports can be provided in Word, Excel and PDF formats.
  • Tools/ Software : Quantum, Quanvert, SPSS, SAS, Uncle Tab, Wincross, Excel