Election Management

India; the world’s largest democracy with a federal parliamentarian structure & a duly drafted constitutional set-up. In India, in the federal mechanism, the power vests with the citizens to elect their representatives at all tiers of governmental set-up. With the constitutionally enshrined principle of adult suffrage, citizens have the right to vote & elect their own representatives. Every elected government has a fixed tenure & at the expiry of every tenure, elections are conducted. Elections are thus, a quintessential recurring phenomenon at pre-defined intervals or as & when elections are called.

In the India of today, the entire process beginning from the conceptualization to the manifestation of the electoral operation has become very complex. It now involves many intricacies than it did ever before. At Visage Analytics Private Limited, we are your responsible shoulders to handle every intricate detail with respect to your journey of contesting an election in India.

With the first step into the field right from staying informed about all the operational details of how the functional mechanism works to chalking out a systematic & a well-designed election campaign, we take care of it all. The elements of a thoroughly well chalked out digital media campaign & social media campaign form an inherent component of the election campaign design. With brain-storming sessions with the party activists, the conceptual theme of the candidates’ discourses is determined. Societal awareness is sought to be created about the candidate’s profile, his calibre, his work stature & his important contributions made towards the society by means of short films, street plays as well as diverse forms of communicative advertising. Positive news campaign is also executed. Surveys are conducted to understand the diverse voter population of the constituency. The candidate’s vision for his constituency & his manifesto is encapsulated with precision & utmost accuracy. An elaborate blueprint is chalked out with the timeline & locational public appearances of the candidate. All the logistics & allied requirements are duly arranged for with adequate & well-timed co-ordination with the locals of the respective regions. Food arrangements & training programmes for party activists, party workers as well as volunteers & interns are well-planned & efficiently implemented. The allied transportation arrangements along with the deputation & deployment of work-force for co-ordination & timely execution is all streamlined.

Synonymous to managing of events by event management firms, we too are here for managing the most important event in the life of Indian democracy; Elections. This hectic event; namely elections; has a recurring occurrence after every five years or even earlier when uncertainty strikes. At every such juncture, without letting the stress of this complicated process mount on the heads of the bearers, we are always ready & equipped to shoulder the management of your election events. Right from the planning & effective execution of the election campaign with all of its intricate details to the ground zero logistics, we take care of everything. From ground-work to paper-work, we are entirely in sync.