Crisis Management

Creating a brand image is just the beginning of the journey. Once the brand image finds its well-structured presence in the virtual world, then comes into play the real challenges of preserving the image & shielding it against the brutal negative attacks upon it. Not just this, the real critical times are those, when an unforeseen calamity in the form of an accidental incident or mishap takes place. At such times, the news & media coverage that takes place which report about the incident can paint the picture of the entity in a very dark light. It is at such a juncture, when it becomes very important to have a bonafide shield to protect one’s brand image from the rampage in the two worlds simultaneously; both the virtual world as well as the physical world. In the realm of both of these worlds, the intangible asset; Goodwill plays a major role in determining the brand life cycle as well as enabling to predict what the future holds for the brand entity. It is in this critical area of being the Warrior Shields of the brand image that Visage Analytics proposes to solidify its presence in your support, defence, protection & progressively propagating the aura of a well-defined, well-structured & a positively publicized brand personality. Since it is not just about building a brand image but more importantly about consistently maintaining the image, shielding it against any form of attacks, reviving it in case of breakdowns, preventing it against any kind of probable contingencies & progressively reaching out to the global crowds for the successive growth and advancements that have been made under the brand’s name; it most definitively entails a package approach; & we are here exactly for that. We are here as special escorts of your brand image right through its inception to its apex.

The broad categories in which we at Visage Analytics classify our work, are as follows:

  • Image Creation
  • Image Building
  • Image Sustenance
  • Image Progression
  • Image Vulnerability Assessment
  • Image Passive Defence Mechanism
  • Image Active Defence Mechanism
  • Countering Image’s negative publicity
  • Filing Legal Claims/ Suits for Defamation in the event of potent Image Tarnishing
  • Encountering the culprits of Image Destruction & silencing their ill-will
  • Propagating Positive Image Content across both virtual & physical worlds

We provide our Crisis Management services to diverse segments. Be it the corporate world, entertainment industry, political segment, medical fraternity, law fraternity & a host of other segments that form a part of our everyday civilisational circumference.